Manitowoc CCF-90 with my '37 Buick

This page has information relating to my Manitowoc CCF-90 two post asymmetrical lift

I bought this lift in 2012 for $2000, it came out of a private garage and never used commercially. It came two adjustable oil drain cans, a heavy duty Blackhawk transmission stand and a screw jack to help stabilize a vehicle when it's up in the air. It was worth every penny I paid for it. It paid for itself in the first month I had it installed by doing major repairs on four vehicles in our family.

My son Andy and I installed the lift ourself after I did a lot of research on the placement and anchoring hardware needed. I contributed to a few discussions about two post lifts on the Garage Journal board where I mentioned I had gotten a few pieces of literature with my lift. There seems to be quite a few of these lifts out there. Manitowoc stopped building these lift in the early 2000's but they are coming out of car dealerships across the country, I see them occasionally listed on Craigslist and a few on eBay. I have gotten quite a few requests for copies of the literature, which I scanned into .pdf format and I'm happy to send them along but the instruction manual is a rather large document and I have had trouble emailing it because of it's size so I am posting all of them here.

Just click on the image and the file will pop up in a new window, just copy it to your computer.

I am posting these as a courtesy, I am not an auto lift professional. I am offering these for your use, I cannot and will not be held responsible for any misuse or incorrect installation of your lift.

CFF-90 Installation Instruction CFF-90 Installation Instruction CFF-90 Installation Instruction CFF-90 Installation Instruction

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