Mark a line where the frame straightens out.
Image 005
Now mark a line where the frame widens out.
Image 006
I cut a slot in a spare piece of light angle iron then spread it out to match the curvature of the frame so I could know how much to cut.
Image 007
Now do the same for the other side and on the bottom rail too.
Image 008
Cut the all the marks you have just made.
Image 009
Now you can remove the last crossmember and undo everything that holds the rear axle on.
Image 010
Now take some crossmembers from the original frame and bolt them into existing holes to pull the frame rails together. Note: I have put a Dana 70 rear axle from '76 F-350 in. You can reweld the spring perches on the Supercab Dana 60, use a Dana 60 from a 57-72 truck or even reuse the original Timken rear axle from the 48-52 but that isn't recommended.
Image 011
I cut the ends off the original crossmember and welded them onto the rear main crossmember from the 48-52 frame. Also at this point make a cardboard template of the three holes, you will need this later.
Image 012
Now bolt the crossmember in. You will be reusing the lower brackets from the Supercab frame not the 48-52 frame. I also took the crossmember that goes under the cab on the 48-52 frame and mounted it. You will have to use the 48-52 lower mounts.
Image 013
Image 014
Now mark a straight line just before the frame slopes down. The Supercab frame has a wheelbase of 155" and the 48-52 frame is 122". 155" - 122" = 33". Now subtract 5" from 33". Now mark another line 28" ahead of the other line. Note: Your front line will be farther ahead than mine because I accidentally marked 23" instead of 28". Remember measure twice cut once!
Image 015
Find some suitable blocks and make sure there is a little gap between the blocks and the frame. This will help with cutting as the frame will pull apart so you won't jam the blade. I cut from the bottom to the top. I bought some threaded rod and put it through some existing holes to add some strength when cutting.
Image 016
Here is the frame with the "hump" removed.
Image 017
You were probably wondering why we left 5" out? You will have to measure 5" at the center of the frame and cut half way down like the picture shows.
Image 018
I bought a 7' piece 3 x 2 x 3/16 angle iron. I cut it into four 15" and two 12" pieces. You will have to round the corner for the angle iron to fit good. I marked the center of the angle iron and clamped in the center of the 5" cut. I drilled a hole in the center with a drill bit one size smaller than 1/2 so the bolt fits sung and then bolted them in place.
Image 019
I slid the frame together and clamped it in place.
Image 020

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Last updated on April 22, 2010